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Both are excellent transmissions in my opinion. I paddle-shifted the AMG for a couple miles and had a lot of fun but never went over 3k rpm, the same with the M3. In automatic mode I didn't really notice a difference except that the AMG felt more like a true auto as when you slowed down the torque converter didn't make it seem like it will stop too soon as is the case in the DCT. I really have to experiment more with both cars to give you a sensible review though. The CLS63 had a really awesome shifter that looked the same as the one from the SLS AMG which is almost a $300k car. Also the driving modes were Comfort, sport, sport plus, manual and RS which is for launch control I think. The car is beautiful with gadgets galore. I guess the CLS63 and M3 can be compared as a Bentley and Ferrari; the M3 is definitely more raw.