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Originally Posted by 11Series View Post
Nice rambling rant. It goes everywhere and nowhere at the same time. I give it an 8.

I love the part where you admit that you and others on the right blamed Clinton 8 years into Bush's term, but now it's water under the bridge. Classic!

You asked the question "has anyone here ever seen an administration and associated party continue to blame a previous administration this deep into their term". Don't act petulant when you are given the accurate and factual answer.

Was there anything factually incorrect about me pointing out the finger pointing at Clinton?
It's obvious you ignored the parts that were too hard to bare. You stopped reading at "water under the bridge".

"Anyone who points the blame in their direction is stupid and should be ignored for their stupidity. It was the result of greedy people, not the Clinton administration. It's not the paper or pen company's fault for creating what was used to cheat on a test. " <----Forget that part?

I never once said I agreed to it. But, I took the time to read about it.

I must say, I am so happy for you. You must have been really excited to use the word petulant..

Comparing the finger pointing that has gone on for the current administrations entire term to the brief period of time those idiots got their opinion heard is laughable. It's like saying a watermelon is the same thing as a grape because they are both fruit.

The challenge still applies. Be critical of your own party just once.

Have you ever read something with an agenda that didn't match yours? Did you throw it down in disgust and exclaim, "LIES! ALL LIES!"

I noticed you ignored the rest of what I wrote. I am assuming it is because it was too hard to read. But a little dose of reality is good for you zealots. It keeps you from climbing towers and shooting at political officials.
"It is better to be hated for what you are than loved for what you are not."
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