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Originally Posted by NYCGP View Post
If you don't know why you need to look it up. Just to educate yourself. You are extremely over zealous when it comes to bashing the Republican party and defending the Democrats. People like you were created by 8 years of Bush and 3 years of Obama. Don't you ever get tired of defending a defunct administration? I am not a sheep and I never will be. I think on my own. I don't require Bill Mahr or John Stewart's jokes. Nor do I enjoy listening to Bill O'Reilly or Rush Limbaugh.
11Series , You are a sheep. You are exactly what they want you to be: a fanboy who defends without question and questions no decision.
Congratulations. You will never have to make up your own mind again. Because you are more than happy to let someone else make it up for you.
Prove to everyone on this board that you can be critical of a single thing done by your party. I really don't think you are capable.
You're not a sheep, you're a jackass. You obviously can't stand debating with someone of a different opinion than you, so you cut them down, insult, and belittle them.

None of us here knows anyone else here, so anyone claiming that their way of thinking is better or more reasonable is just full of shit.

And being an independent doesn't prove any superiority either - it just shows that you're not being honest about your stand on issues.