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2011 E90 M3 vs 2012 CLS63 AMG

These are the two cars I\'ve come down to. Let me get this out to everyone: the CLS63 AMG is a lot of car. I test drove it in comfort and hit 80 mph on the highway in less than 6 sec, apparently 0-60 in 4.0. It sure feels faster than an M3 though and it handles just as well. It isn\'t as compact as the M3 though and can be felt around the corners.
Looks: M3 = CLS63
Handling: M3 > CLS63
Acceleration: CLS >
Power: CLS >
Comfort: CLS >
Interior Quality: CLS >
Price: M3>
Safety: CLS> That thing\'s filled with all kinds of safety features. Lane warnings, slows down if you near a car really quickly, and others.

What do you guys think?