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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
No offense but you come off like you're specifically trying to be negative here.
Don't misinterpret challenging or skepticism with negativity!

Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
I can only tell you a few absolute facts.
Calling these "absolute facts" is a massive distortion of reality. As the other poster pointed out you seem unable/unwilling to offer the same level of proof you have demanded from others. In addition we can not forget the huge difference between race engines and production engines (not to mention trannys, diffs, axles, etc. WHICH ALL NEED broken in). Race vs. production engines differ dramatically not only in design, materials, tolerances, but again (as pointed out prior) intended use. A performance production engine person generally cares equally about power and longevity with much more emphasis on the latter. How much variation in power output might you really expect from a different break in. Just throwing a total "back of the envelope" guess at it I would say 1%. What does 1% matter in a production car if your $20k engine craps out at 20k miles? Although there certainly are endurance forms of racing, race guys will be very concerned about 1% and way, way less concerned about longevity.

Anyway, please re-read my post and offer up some more meat on the bones for us!