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WTF are you looking at?
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Not a single part of what I said accused the current administration of being the first or only corruptible administration. What I did say, just to clarify, is that you defended the current administrations ties with GE by pointing out the political affiliation of the current CEO. You finished up your basic retort by saying, " your argument is rather invalid". When in actuality, your argument is rather invalid.

"...but I do have a problem with the amount of filth and hatred that Republicans and the Tea Party breed."

^^^ They are the result of an extreme shift in the opposite direction of our political system in America. Do you remember the filth and hatred that Dems had (and still have) for the previous administration? It is all bullshit. However, now these assholes are starting to effect my bottom line and it's starting to piss me off. That goes for both sides.

All party lines aside, has anyone here ever seen an administration and associated party continue to blame a previous administration this deep into their term?
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