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Originally Posted by Bart@AUTOcouture View Post
ESS has one available for their kits.

i dont suppose anyone has a picture of the BOV ess use do they?? is it a part Re-circ and @ full boost VTA?? (vent to atmosphere)

it does sound very good... with my 8psi pulley it would make a great noise, i cant help thinking in this application (centri s/c) every single bit of air back into the intake is a blessing.

awesome awesome thread......

heres my ess vt2 z4///M running 8psi pulley, lots work went into perfect fitment, also i swapped lots of the ess supplied parts for even higher quality pipework ect ect...

enough of my rambling..... here she is, hope you enjoy. my Supercharged bmw z4m... 507bhp and counting...

excuse all the pics, hope you guys dont mind me posting in here... i do have the "old" m3 engine

note; i swapped out alot of the ess pipework for reinforced kevlar pipework for longevity and asthetics, you can see the hosing used but looking 4 pics from the bottom on the top "breather" pipe.
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