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Originally Posted by Maniac992 View Post
All these comments on here implying that the M3 is better because its "bigger" and has an automatic transmission (DCT) suggests to me there are a lot of M3 drivers out there who are not true enthusiasts.....

Yeah, cause you are such an "enthusiast" and can make that judgement of someone else because they choose a DCT transmission versus a 6MT. LOTS of folks who spent many years with a 6MT move to a DCT for performance/other reasons and are every bit as much "enthusiasts" as guys who think a 6MT makes their e-peens larger

Please get off you high horse.

Rant over... let's not turn yet another thread into a 6MT vs. DCT debate.

The M3 is not "better" because it is bigger or has a DCT. However, those features might make it a better car for some people who use the car every day. The factors that do make the M3 better, IMO only, is the S65 engine... both from a performance perspective and from a sound perspective and looks. The one advantage the 1M clearly has is price. Performance in most objective tests is on par or a slight edge to the M3 (unless you live stop light to stop light or on a very tight, short track). Some reviews favour the M3 (most I have read) while some favour the 1M. Pick the car that you like better and it will be great.

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