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Originally Posted by Questforpower View Post
I am sure the MPG figures vary from driver to driver and driving habits. The comfort is questionable, I've driven a C6, a C6 Z06 and I've been lucky enough to ride in a C6 ZR1, none of those are particularly great daily drivers, each of the people that owned these cars also had luxury cars in their stable. For someone like me; to come from a luxury car like a BMW and replace for it a Z06 as a dd would be tough. It's a fantastic vehicle but I couldn't give up the DD qualities for the performance.
Mileage varies for every car depending on individual driver habits. Going by EPA ratings the Corvette is damn near at the top in high performance mileage figures.

The fact that many dont use a Corvette as a DD isnt surprising really. I for one use it as a week end toy for several reasons, 1- on occasion I need the additional rear seating 2- I dont drive a 600hp RWD light weight, low slug sports car in winter snow blizzards. 3-I sometimes need to throw all kind of undesireable crap in the trunk of a car.
That said, I know many owners(in warmer climes) that do use a C6 as a DD.
But I understand your position as I feel the same way against having a 2 seat SC as a DD.