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Originally Posted by mact3333 View Post
2. JP Morgan is THE major shareholder in the Federal, JP Morgan has close to a trillion in derivatives outstanding and they get bailed out to the tunes of trillions(not billions) in reality yet they essentially control the printing presses via the Fed this is the cold stone truth nobody talks about...anyone else have a problem with this???? see why we are so farked??
I always thought that TARP was (to some extent) a charade to cover over the bailout of JPMC. I'm not drawing this conclusion from your post; it's just good that other people are aware that JPMC got bailed out.

I'm figuring that S&P's downgrade is lubricant that makes it easier on the population to swallow either a formal $ devaluation (like the Fed and Treasury actually admit they're doing it) or some type of default. Hope I'm wrong on this though.