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Originally Posted by freshwhite335 View Post
For the guy who said they feel like a dictator in the G. I agree with that, but I get the same feeling I've gotten driving a friend's G that I did driving my 06 full sized Range Rover. OP I would really consider buying a very lightly used 2010/2011 Range Rover Supercharged
I have not liked Land Rover since Ford purchased them. yes I know Mercedes is owned by Chrysler or whatever, but that's different since the G Wagen is still hand built.

I also don't agree with dealers throwing a sticker of 150k on an SUV and then selling it for way below that. There is no way that there are as many people, who can afford the Land Rovers at sticker, that I see on the road. I see one or two of those things daily and I"m really not that impressed by it. It looks nice but they seem unreliable and I don't think they're hand built.

I am not after a deal or anything -- I appreciate the suggestions. I think I will be waiting for the 2012-2013 refresh and see what's in store. I am very excited to get my hands on one.

Ran into the guy who sold my dad his ML320 back in 99 and his E320 4matic back in 05 on friday night. Was quite happy to see him as my dad didn't know what happened to him at the dealership he purchased the cars from.

Hopefully I'll be getting a 55, but at the very worst it'll be a 550.

If I wanted a super performance SUV I'd get a Cayenne, but that's not why I'm buying an SUV. If I wanted 150k of performance I'd get a used R8 V10 as I don't have a family, and probably won't for another 8+ years.