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Originally Posted by BoomM3 View Post
Thought about that. The only issue with doing that is paying the State sales tax on top of paying the roughly 20% (duty + HST, etc). The car still works out cheaper than canada even going that route. Ontario Dealers don't seem to have any wiggle room on the price, even if you do ED. $86K+HST is a lot to pay!

I was hoping I could workout something with a dealer and buy the car either myself or through a friend and do a European Delivery on it- put some miles on it, then when the car arrives back in the US its considered used....

Did you end up buying it brand new in canada?
Not true in my case. I got mine with 8% off of MSRP. If you don't take the HST into account and depending on what options you get, the difference is about $7,000 - $8,000. Some dealers are even more flexible in Toronto if you are paying cash. In my opinion, save yourself the pain and buy in Canada.

BTW, I just ordered a Monte Carlo Blue E92 and taking ED on September 3rd.

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