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Originally Posted by KKM3 View Post
I guess we all have a difference of opinion. I'm just used to the instant predictable power in my NA m3 and 911. I drove the 911 turbo s for a good 20 minutes or so and was blown away by how beautiful and fast it was but the lag was there and the power delivery was not easy to modulate or predict IMO However I am bias, Not a fan of turbo cars in general. I will hold on to my 997s for a few more years, maybe get the 991 when it gets a midlife power bump.
I can't really disagree with you there, which is part of the reason I sold the turbo and got the .2 GT3; which is the best car I have ever owned. I do think that the 991 will be a great car and the mid-life power bump ~as you say~ should be very nice! I am also hoping the next GT3/RS is as good as I am hearing. But, yeah high revving NA for me too.

I will say that my .1 turbo without PDK was stupid fast. Kind of like Kirk asking Scottie for warp 8 and Scottie delivering. I can only imagine what another 50 hp, PDK and a few less lbs does.

BTW, I never noticed the minor occasional lag in my 335 until I got my GT3.