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1. 3/4 of our GDP is consumer spending...a if you want to help our economy, consumer spending must go up and this will create jobs correct?...well was TARP 800B, but anyone that knows anything,knows the sum was well into the trillions...govt said they wanted the banks to get healthy so they would make loans to us so we could get into more debt to spend right?.

Well, credit is tighter than ever...they could have given every american 17K rather than TARP and the stimulus and this WOULD have truly stimulated the economy...would have helped mom and pop...but instead the banks got it and didnt ease credit so they did nothing for the avg joe.

2. JP Morgan is THE major shareholder in the Federal, JP Morgan has close to a trillion in derivatives outstanding and they get bailed out to the tunes of trillions(not billions) in reality yet they essentially control the printing presses via the Fed this is the cold stone truth nobody talks about...anyone else have a problem with this???? see why we are so farked??