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anything short of releasing the engines that run on tap water, we are farked.

Some on here act as if there is a magical solution but there isnt...thats what happens when you have too much debt and the only answer to any problem is to print more money.

QE 3/4 will lead to severe inflation or hyperinflation hence will slow down the economy.

Austerity measures puts us into a deflationary depression.

A combo of the two will lead us to stagflation.

Dont let people fool you into thinking its the teabaggers who are economic terrorists going to lead us into a depression...thats what "they" want you sway fault to a scapegoat.

Think about it, before the teabaggers were even mentioned were things going that great in the US?...of course not...we had the wild wild west on wallstreet and mainstreet got hurt yet again.

If a totally irresponsible person maxing out their credit cards and living beyond their means was told by a group of people that they need to stop spending and draw out a plan to get their debt under control would you call these people terrorists???....if the media kept telling you that you will believe it cause its human nature to do so.