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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
OK... so I come back to this... if you feel this way (and it is fine that you do), then why in the hell are you considering a BMW? It makes zero sense given your comments. I hate brocolli but god damn it, I'm gonna get me some brocolli. Why wouldnt you buy a car that you won't then spend the next three years complaining about quality, weight, softness, etc. Well, unless you are one of the people you say only care about the badge.
Overall package is still one of the best. I never said I hate the M3. I nitpick. I'm sure BMW reads these forums and if I constantly whine, maybe someone over at BMW will read it and be like, "you know what, he's right. Our customers demand more then what we're offering."

Sidenote: I loved your broccoli example.