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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
Fact is, I need a DD and I can only afford one toy at a time. The Cayman S, though tempting, is not in the least bit practical. The C63 is fat. I don't want anything to do with Audi's quattro drive.

BMW is the only game in town that does such a great job at designing very useable performance cars. I wish I could own them all!
If you don't need rear seats, the Cayman S is fairly practical. I DD my Cayman S, just got it 3 weeks ago, traded in an '08 335i. Between the two trunks, there's a surprising amount of storage space. The PDK transmission is amazing, the ride with PASM is more comfortable than my 335i was and the handling is amazing. I too prefer a NA car, the M3 was the only other car I seriously considered. I may have considered the 1 M if it was offered with DCT and it wasn't such a pain to get one.
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