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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
I'm grateful for all of your great responses. It has helped me focus my priorities. Although I have not made any definitive decisions, here are my perspectives thus far:

1) Test driving a 1m is a rare possibility, so I have to trust specs + my experience with similar engine architectures.

2) As glorious is the outgoing V8, it represents the past.

3) The M3 is not going to get any lighter or simpler. We all know damn well that the future M3 is going to only get more luxurious and bloated.

4) Supercharging is expensive and changes the core DNA of the M3 requiring numerous supplementary upgrades to maintain balance.

Honestly, this is not about money, mileage or even value. This is about nimble performance, not brute force. If it were only about power, I'd be swinging around in an M5 or M6... or worse yet a useless X5/6M.

To me, the 1M represents a lean and quick thrill ride that is infinitely tweak able, and a blast to drive... perhaps more so than the present and even future M3.

Can you answer the following..? Why ... from your stable... would you dump the M3?

2011 M3 E90 DCT ZCP
2010 335i Sedan
2005 M3 Convertible
2003 325i Sedan

It seems to me the CLEAR choice is the 2010 335i sedan. It's the same car as your M3... but less. Same 4 doors, with a lot less letters... no LSD... no DCT.. no EDC... and no V8! The only positive is better fuel mileage. It seems to me you would keep the M3... it is a legendary car with a unique motor with an incredibly wonderful sound and amazing revving.. It almost sounds as good as an E30 M3 with a CF airbox! Ok.. damnit.. maybe it does sound better..

At any rate.. If this is a his/her thing.. and the 335 is her car... and the M3 is yours... well I guess it may be tough to convince a spouse to dump her car for you to get another new car (hehehe.. especially since you just got a 2011 M3...)

Which one of us wouldn't like a DUAL M car garage? E9x M3 for daily driving and the more nimble. 1M for those days when you head to the track...?

as far as the numbered items above..

1) go drive a 135.. it's 85% of the 1M

2) who cares about representing the past... or the future... or whatever...
it should be about what thrills you.. The S14 in an E30 M3 is so "past"... that in 2 years it will be " hip" again... like bell bottoms, and big framed glasses.. but I've love S14s for the past 15 years.. not because of what it represents, but for the way it works and sounds..

3) the future M3s will actually get lighter... Efficient dynamics.... but they will still be technologically advanced, I am sure.

4) yawn...

At any rate... the fact that you own a 2011 M3... and already seem to regret your decision... already is the answer... you aren't absolutely THRILLED with the M3..... if it's not about money/power/M3 name.. etc... then you've already answered your own question.
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