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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
I'm grateful for all of your great responses. It has helped me focus my priorities. Although I have not made any definitive decisions, here are my perspectives thus far:

1) Test driving a 1m is a rare possibility, so I have to trust specs + my experience with similar engine architectures.

2) As glorious is the outgoing V8, it represents the past.
That's what the appeal is for many. You won't be seeing many, if any, v8s like this again.

3) The M3 is not going to get any lighter or simpler. We all know damn well that the future M3 is going to only get more luxurious and bloated.
Thats not true according to various statements from BMW. I would expect similar or slightly less weight the next m3 based on what I've read.

4) Supercharging is expensive and changes the core DNA of the M3 requiring numerous supplementary upgrades to maintain balance.
Yah I'm not interested either. If I want a forced induction car, I would have bought one.

Honestly, this is not about money, mileage or even value. This is about nimble performance, not brute force. If it were only about power, I'd be swinging around in an M5 or M6... or worse yet a useless X5/6M.
The m3 is the most nimble car you will find with the amenities and it has, but if nimbleness is your top priority, above all others, then you are looking at the wrong car IMHO. Unless you want to pull some parts of the car to make it lighter.

To me, the 1M represents a lean and quick thrill ride that is infinitely tweak able, and a blast to drive... perhaps more so than the present and even future M3.
Haven't driven the 1m, or been to the future, so hard to help you there ; )