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Originally Posted by ///Metak View Post
This comparison is about as retarded as that 1M asking price. Comparing a theoretical(at best if someone actually ended up paying the asking price) sale price of that 1M to a heavily modded M3? Just seems like you have some axe to grind with the 1M with most of your posts, quite transparent actually given this comparison.
I have nothing against the 1M if one buys it for it's intended purpose: an "inexpensive" M car for a "younger crowd"

$50-55k is great for what the 1M gives you.
But paying over sticker?

Trading in an E9X M3 and LOSING money? Ignorant

The 1M is great for what it is and what it was built for, nothing more.

So this comparison is retarded.
Ok Cool.
let's do a million more 1M vs M3
Should I trade in my M3 for a 1M?
Should I trade in my M3 and lose money for a 1M?
Which color should I get?
What's better, 6MT or DCT?
What interior should I get?
M3 or GTR?
M3 or Porsche C2S?
1M or Porsche?
335i or M3?
335iS or M3?
Z4 or M3?
Which exhaust sounds better?
Which wheels look nicer?
What color should I paint my wheels?
What options should I get?
Should I buy a M3?

Which would you rather discuss?

and "most of my posts" ?

I've probably made 5 references at MOST about the 1M
If you can show me that I've made more, than you my fellow bimmerpost member, are stalking me... scaryyyy