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Originally Posted by elp_jc View Post
It's all in your heads folks. Drain the clutch fluid, and operate the clutch pedal with your hand and you'd find out where the clutch grabs, there's ZERO assist. The spring is primarily to pull the clutch pedal all the way out and prevent premature throwout bearing wear. The spring also pulls the pedal to the floor when close to it, and that's why some folks might feel it lighter, but where it matters, at the friction point, you can release the pedal and it'd stay in the middle position. If there was a positive force acting on it all the time, pedal would pop out when released (no clutch fluid, as I said earlier). Those with newer cars could install the 2008 single spring (or maybe just removing the inner one does the trick; don't know), but I would not remove them all. Your call. Have a good one gang.
Just to clarify, you know that there are two springs operating. Let's just say spring A and spring B.
Spring A is the one that pulls the clutch pedal all the way out to "prevent premature throwout bearing wear" and spring B is the one that pulls the pedal to the floor when close to it, and like you said it feels lighter because of the pull.

So I believe it's not in our heads. We took out spring B to take away the "lighter feeling" of the clutch and left spring A alone (which pulls the clutch back out). My shifts have become smoother due to this "linear" feel of the clutch instead of the heavy to soft pressure i felt before i took spring B out.