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Originally Posted by pbonsalb View Post
The top brands were relatively close, but Royal Purple was not one of them.
I'm not a fan of any brand, be it car, bike, oil, gas, etc., but the truth is you can use the cheapest oil you want and if you change it often enough, it shouldn't matter much what you use. I bought RP because that's the only fluid available locally without having to order it. Many different groups swear by it, including the Aston Martin guys, and those cars are not cheap. Reason why I don't give a darn about which oil I use is because I change it every 2 years, with a maximum mileage of 8K miles. I could almost use kitchen oil with those intervals . But if I was going to push the envelope with the OCI, then I'd do a bit more research. But IMHO, with any full synthetic fluid, you can't really go wrong. There might be some better than others, but definitely not a wrong choice IMO. Take care.