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Originally Posted by James T. Kirk View Post
My dealership said the HPFP issue was resolved for the N54/55s in 2010.
We all believe dealers now?

I had 2 HPFP replaced in my Z4 35i (same N54 engine) twice this year.
Once last year.
Hence why I lemoned it and returning it next week (though I did pick up another Z4 35i with the N54, but that's the only car my mom likes so I got it for her, plus if it breaks again, I can easily lemon it).

A friend of mine has a 335iS, very similar to the 1M N54 in terms of improved cooling and whatnot and his HPFP went out this spring.

The HPFP issue is unfortunately not fixed completely.

For me, I wouldn't let the HPFP get in the way of getting a car (hence the new Z4 35i..) but I wouldn't give up the S65 for a N54.
I loved my previous 335i, and that 335i of mine had a crap load of power (see link in sig), but it was no S65

To each his own; I love the Z4 for driving around town more than the M, but it's not as fun for spirited driving and it has nothing on the M on the track
I know the Z4 isn't a Z4-M with the N54, but the engine is essentially the same, minus a few small upgrades (that one can do himself if he were to mod the car; but I hate comparing modded cars and stock cars...)