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Originally Posted by Leg View Post
Not sure whatthese ones are though? Can anyone enlighten me please?

Univeral remote control 175
Comfort Access 430
Climate Comfort Screen 115
Sliding front armrest 110 (obviously an armrest but is it any better than the std?)
High gloss shadow line 350

How about asking your dealer?

Universal remote control is three buttons on the rear view mirror which can be programmed to open things such as electric garage doors. (Worthwhile if you have a use for it).

Comfort access is the ability to open the car and start it without taking the key out of your pocket. (Worth speccing).

Climate comfort screen is a special type of glass which helps to stop the sun heating up the interior. (Not worth it).

Sliding front armrest means that the armrest is split longitudinally, with the section nearest the driver moveable backwards and forwards. (Not worth it but I will probably spec it).

High gloss shadow line is the black trim around the outside of the windows made extra shiny. It comes matt black as standard. (Not worth it).