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Originally Posted by Evooooo View Post
Evo X all the way over the STI, much better platform to work with too. Handeling is better than both the M3 & the STI throw a decent set of coils & you got yourself one nasty handeling car. Also great thing about the Evo X is you can make dumb power for cheap & walk an M3 or sti. Thats what I did but than I got bored threw a big turbo on n buh bye porsche turbos . Oh another note tho im super excited to get my 2011 335I X Drive
Congrats on the new car. I have one sitting next to the M3 and its a great car. You will want to address the crappy suspension immediately, especially if you are coming from and EVO. Some damn quick EVO's around. As I said in another post, if it even looks slightly modded, stay away . Good luck.