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It seems as if people are requesting to meet up at all different places so it's getting a little confusing. I have about 10 people shooting me text messages tomorrow of where they are and such. It's going to get hectic since I am trying to keep the caravan running smooth as well as keeping my eyes on the road.

These are the final plans (same as OP), so if you are requesting to meet up at another spot with a few buddies, plan accordingly with where we are going to be and either meet us at the rest stops or plan when you can join up whether its at another rest stop or on te side of the road, just join up. I appologize for any inconvience this may cause some people, but it's getting overwhemling of the 15 different places everyone wants to meet up.

Either meet at:

Richard Stockton Rest Stop at 6:30am. We leave at 7:10am (another whole carvan is meeting us)


Chespeake House Rest Area at 8:45. We will leave promply at 9:30am (at the latest)

Also another reminder, if you have ez-pass BRING IT. For those without it, us "ezpassers" will go through our tolls, slow down, and put our hazards on so everyone has a chance to catch up. Also be sure to have a full tank of gas since we will not be stopping for re-fueling.

Thanks for your understanding and I will see everyone tomorrow bright and early