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Avery Nano Fusion install

I just want to tell everyone who is looking for paint protection that Avery Nano Fusion is awesome and I think it will change the PPF market. The only downsides are that there is no 60" at this time and trying to find an official installer is next to to impossible.

After reading all the positive reviews by both owners and installers I decided that I definitely wanted to give Nano Fusion a try. The the 2 negatives are that its a fairly new product (compared to others) and unknown by most installers.

I currently have ventureshield on my white Q7 and its just ok. In hindsight, I would not get this again for a white car as you can definitely see it. From my perspective there were really no downsides to using the Avery as i couldn't be worst than Ventureshield.

I decided to get the product on my own and find an installer willing to work with an unknown product. I called around to my local Philadelphia PPF installers and I was surprised that none wanted my business and in some cases met with hostility for bringing up the topic of different product.

Ryan from CarOptics had a completely different attitude and was great to work with. Not only was he will to install it but quite enthusiastic about it. They are primarily ventureshield shop but not yet exclusive to the product. before I go further I just wanted to say that Ryan and his team did an awesome job with the install! In fact, they do not like pre-cuts citing the fit is better when done on site....old school which I like. Attached are some pics

What I like about the Avery product is that its hard and smooth to the touch just like paint. What Ryan like is that its much easier to cut and lay compared to other products. I tried to take pics in angles that you can tell but its really hard to see it even though just the quarter of the hood is done. When the 60" is available I will redo the hood and fenders.

Final note, I car already had paint chips on the hood and fenders as this was a used car. So any marks that you see are from existing chips which after 5+ years I am planning to replace the hood and bumper.
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