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Originally Posted by smokinHawk View Post
if you knew me you wouldnt think that at all, the only over inflated egos i usually see are the trainers at the gym who think they know it all but havent achieved the results that their customers are trying to get.
when i train in the commercial gym that is close to me (my hardcore gym is 1.5hours away i do on the weekends) i stay in my corner am quiet and train hard and heavy, getting funny looks when i lift a lot of weight or put some effort into a lift.

you ask me for my credentials and i gave them to you, i do know a thing or two about lifting and getting results. And the things i want to improve i go to the people who have achieved them, like guys who have squatted over 1000lbs, benched over 800lbs, deadlifted over 800lbs etc. how many personal trainers have achieved that? I go to the lifters that dont care about raping you from your money and never teach you what you need to know so you keep coming back to them.
so are you assuming that every person pursuing some form of personal training is attempting to achieve ungodly levels of strength in their upper/lower/core? or do you think perhaps that many people pursue PT for basic guidance, overall health maintenance, or perhaps motivation and simple yet effective muscle growth? not everyone's trying to be a pro lifter, broham, myself included.
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