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I'd wait for the 12 g550 and the turbo motor if your heart is set on the g wagen. It's definitely one of my all time favorite car designs, but there is no denying that the technology is only on par with a modern day wrangler unlimited rubicon, but who get's these things for the technology or driving dynamics anyway? It's definitely one of the most prominent status symbols in the industry not to mention its lineage as use for the military.

The solid front and rear axle design with the locking front rear and center diffs make it a formidable off roader but the AMG package limits that...the handbuilt motor is a work of art but the weight and chassis limits its uses. the car is full of irony but what's rational when it comes to desire? get what you want

I'd like to purchase a used one in the future, but it will be wheeled and abused....what it was meant for

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