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Three years ago we heard all the doom and gloom from the right wing nabobs of negativity, who claimed that Obama becoming President was going to end the United States. All the right wing survivalists talking about stocking up on guns and ammo, stocking up shelf-stable food for the immanent downfall of all civilized society when the stock market was dropping into the 6,000's. Go back and read some blog posts from just about any public forum in late 2008/9 and you will find all that crazy "the world is about to end" nuttery the right was spewing. Personally, I ignored all that right wing fear mongering and made out like a bandit.

This of course was just 6 months after the very same right wing folks kept insisting that Candidate Obama was absolutely wrong when he said there were serious problems in with the Bush economy. The same right-wingers who denied up and down that the Bush Recession even existed, with their "fundamentals of the economy is strong" junk. Personally, I was already well positioned while tons of right wing financial folks were caught completely flat footed.

So forgive us if large chunks of the US population have LEARNED that the right wing is a terrible source for economic forecasting. Or even for clear eyed analysis of current economic conditions.

If we would have followed you guys, GM would have been liquidated by folks like Mitt Romney who make money tearing apart companies, instead of where we are today:

"GM Roars Past Earnings Expectations"

"General Motors continued its turnaround as it posted big jumps in both quarterly sales and profit that were much better than expected.

The nation's No. 1 automaker, barely two years past its federal bailout and bankruptcy, reported Thursday that it earned $2.5 billion in the second quarter"

Given the right wing's poor record of recognizing the economic present, much less predicting the economic future, forgive me if I blow off all the right wing lip flapping. The only thing I'm seeing from the right wing are policies that are KNOWN to kill jobs or ship them overseas, while enriching the top 5%. So as long as we can keep the right wing out of power, we'll survive this downturn just like we survived the Great Depression.

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