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Originally Posted by Year's_End View Post
i think you need to get over yourself. i meant we have a lot of guys with overinflated egos at the gym, like you
if you knew me you wouldnt think that at all, the only over inflated egos i usually see are the trainers at the gym who think they know it all but havent achieved the results that their customers are trying to get.
when i train in the commercial gym that is close to me (my hardcore gym is 1.5hours away i do on the weekends) i stay in my corner am quiet and train hard and heavy, getting funny looks when i lift a lot of weight or put some effort into a lift.

you ask me for my credentials and i gave them to you, i do know a thing or two about lifting and getting results. And the things i want to improve i go to the people who have achieved them, like guys who have squatted over 1000lbs, benched over 800lbs, deadlifted over 800lbs etc. how many personal trainers have achieved that? I go to the lifters that dont care about raping you from your money and never teach you what you need to know so you keep coming back to them.