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Originally Posted by Peahi View Post
You car is my dream car man! I recently ordered mine and your pics were total inspiration for setting up my wheels.

Ugh, this is horrible horrible news and I'm sure words can't describe how you feel.

Best wishes through this whole ordeal.

Hopefully your GPS didn't direct you into that wrong turn.
Thank you man I appreciate it. It is a horrible feeling. Every time I want to go eat, or go to my girlfriends house, etc. I hesitate and say SHIT

And no, my GPS was not on. I am familiar with the area but not thoroughly and I also know my way home from there. But maybe it is a smart idea to keep it on all the time from now on.

Originally Posted by Mace View Post
Call the local DMV and Police Department and ask for a list of complaints and incidents about that curve. If necessary, you could file a FOIA request or let your insurance company do that. Give all the info to your insurance company and have them go after the state/city to cover the cost including your deductable. It would be helpful if you had a police report to document what happened and their investigation but it appears you didn't. You can probably still get satisfaction if there are sufficient complaints/incidents at that location. At the very least it might force the state/city to fix the problem so someone doesn't get killed.
Yea, that is definitely something I am going to do. Thank god I am okay. At least the handling of my M helped me get through most the turn so I wasn't heading towards the poles. Somebody could die very easily and I will complain.
Originally Posted by JulieDriving View Post
Oh man, that's awful. I would be so upset.

I had a previous car repaired at an excellent body shop, and it ran and felt like new afterwards. It was incredible what they were able to do.
Yea, its very upsetting.

Can't wait till I get it back, hopefully good like new.
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