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Originally Posted by Legion5 View Post
No offense but you come off like you're specifically trying to be negative here.

I can only tell you a few absolute facts. Firstly, while the break in proceedure I posted is writen by a motorcycle mechanic, it is very widely adopted in racing in different variations. To the point where variations of the proceedure I posted are as widely adopted the fundamental of methods for finding the right racing line around a track. Like finding the right way around a track everyone has their own technique that differs slightly, but it's all fundamentally similar to what was posted.

The other absolute fact is that like finding the right racing line around a track, people have put a lot of effort into perfecting it. Racing engine builders have poured litelrally hundreds of millions of dollars into research, and explored every new technique they can get their hands on, yet the technique still remains the same and fundamental with slight variations. This is first hand information from Cosworth staff, which are widely regarded as the best engine builders in the world. To the point where in racing cosworth builds all the engines for Mercedes and McLaren and each team just slap their name on them. Keep in mind this isn't something I gleamed when trying to prove my point on this thread. This information was initially presented when I sought to find a competetive edge with my engine in my race car. I looked into all the possibilities.

The final absolute fact is that BMW's proceedure is lame. It is the equivalent of going back to the racing line analogy, replacing a racing line with a bunch of speed limit markers set to the same level of grip and speed as street signs. As someone else mentioned, they were told by BMW's staff at the factory BMW's proceedure is a precaution.

Beyond these absolute facts everything is conjecture, this says nothing about the effects on the transmission or differential, and I don't know if BMW even essentially does the same widely accepted proceedure I posted themselves before putting the engine in the car.
Amazing how you can put so much time into a response, and completely ignore every single point you were challenged on instead running off on a 'racing line' tangent.
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Use the stick like u would a manual. If that doesn't work, put it in D mode and put both hands at 10 and 2. If that doesn't work, just sit on your right hand.