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Originally Posted by shamoo View Post
Wow! I'm sorry dude. That's not too far from me, I'll have to make sure I pay attention in that area. I go by the Eatontown BMW (Circle BMW, right?) quite a bit. They are actually a very good dealer. Parts guy is good too. Good luck with all the repairs.
Yea Circle BMW. They are very professional and the service manager is a great guy.
Originally Posted by Poppin Fresh View Post
Where is this death trap so I can avoid it when I come back home from the shore? Sorry to hear that bro. I know how that gut wrenching feeling feels like. I'd rather get kicked in the groin than that.
Yea, it was the worst feeling EVER. 2000 miles on the car and this shit has to happen.

The deathtrap is on the highway (Route 37) that takes you straight to the bridge to enter Seaside. Eastbound is heading TOWARDS seaside, and westbound is the opposite way. It happened coming west bound literally 30 yards before the Parkway North entrance.

Search STAPLES Toms River New Jersey. The exit/entrance to that building
is where i turned into. The parkway exit is right after it. In street view, you can see how at night time, the trees make it hard to see the real exit, and the lot entrance looks deceiving.

Its funny because the curb that I hit is basically an island of grass that separates entrance from exit. On Google maps, you can see all the tire marks from other people doing the same thing I did.
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