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Originally Posted by lucid View Post
Ouch. WGI isn't forgiving...

I did a 2:15 something on heat cycled BFGs on stock motor and brakes with pads and fluid (before they gave up on me), and I doubt that I am the faster driver although I ain't slow, so you probably have 3-4 more seconds in you if you weren't so concerned about going back to Canada in one piece.

I'll say that you can be more aggresive with the curbs into and out of 1 and into and through the bus stop. You sure you have your foot planted through the esses?
That is not my video but Montreal Red's who is one of the guys who was down there with us.Here is a video of the 1st day that I ran there in May.I am going quite a bit better now as I am attacking the bus stop & curbing a lot more now than the 1st day that was there.I might have gone faster than the 2.16 as I was in traffic and playing with a race prepared Fox body Mustang but those were the only ones that were timed by his crew and we were passing each other every other lap which was a hell of lot of fun.I love the Glen!

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