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Originally Posted by ChrisK View Post
I totally hear you

It was beaten into my soul to change oil @ 3K for Dino, and 5k for Full Synthetic. Until someone can prove to me that fresh, clean oil isn't better - I will keep changing my oil more often then BMW requires.

I'm not burning any oil either.
Regarding "clean" oil; it isn't better, it just isn't any worse : ) The visual appearance of oil has nothing to do with how well it can lubricate an engine. Just as a used oil analysis does not tell you the ability of the oil to lubricate the engine either. Changing it every 5k certainly won't hurt, but I can guarantee you that a modern synthetic oil can properly lubricate the engine for far longer.

I basically followed the BMW break-in procedure and burn a quart every 5-6k miles or so. Honestly, there is very little chance of correlating one to the other either IMHO. There are a lot of factors that affect oil consumption including, but not limited to, environment, driving style, manufacturing tolerances, etc.