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Originally Posted by 1Sleeper View Post
As a New Yorker its my duty to point out that its your fault for being in Jersey. I kid of course. Really sucks, terrible feeling that period of time from when you are inside the car, knowing there is damage to when you get out and actually see what happened. Good luck, shouldnt be too bad......says the guy without the broken tie rod/control arm, rim....
It was the worst feeling in the world to see the damage after getting out of the car. Now I'm so depressed. This is my first accident and of course its in an area that I'm unfamiliar with. Life sucks.
Originally Posted by Sean05 View Post
When that happens in CAlifornia... we call caltrans and we get them to pay for damages... just make sure you take photos of that corner that sign was not anywhere close...
I hope insurance covers this, if not, I will look into any state departments that I can look to.
Originally Posted by Gkap View Post
wow that really sucks man, but dont worry it could have been way worse
and as long as your ok thats all that matters. I would complain to the town
as the mechanic suggested.
Thanks and yes you are right man. Could have been worst. EXCEPT they just called back and said it was $8000 worth of damage. The whole steering thing will have to be replaced, tie rods, the arms, suspension, both wheels, and tires. One of the screws that attaches the front plastic to the car, ripped out of the plastic which is like not even an inch away from the edge of the plastics. They are saying we have to change the front bumper because of that.
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