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Fuc* My Life

So on my way back from the shore, I was going to take the exit to NJ Parkway North and it happened. So as I was approaching the exit, I saw the turnpike sign that said it was coming up. Then the next one showed up, and I said oh ok its going to be here anywhere. Then a turn pops out of nowhere that was angled JUST like the parkway entrance. There was NO LIGHT. As im turning in at around 45 MPH, i realize this isn't the entrance to the parkway rather an entrance to a building that is being constructed on. Then boom i try making the turn without losing control of the car and the best i was able to do was hit the curb that divides the entrance and exit.

The car starts to wobble BIG time. I figured damn, Popped tire and fucked up alignment. I get out my car, no popped tire. CHEWED up rim that I hope isn't bent, and the bottom arm and the tie rod broke. Not one spec on the body of the car thank god.

I spoke to a local mechanic at a Wawa after my car was towed. He told me there has been SOO many people who have done the same exact thing. He told me I should complain to the town because they used to have it closed off for that reason, and recently they opened it back up.
Well all I could do now is think of how much worst it could have been.

$7200 worth of damage. The whole steering thing will have to be replaced, tie rods, the arms, suspension, both wheels, and tires.

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