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Originally Posted by gthal View Post
To call the M3 a "grocery getter" is just silly. It is NOT the pure sports car that some other might be be calling it a grocery getter shows either that you are just trying to stir up crap or just don't get what the car is.

Although you believe it is a "fact", the R8, especially the V8, is NOT a super car. It is Porsche 911S level performance. How does that level of performance make it a super car? Do you consider a 911S a super car? Sure it is more of a pure sports car but a super car it isn't. The V10 is approaching the status of super car. A Z06 and the GTR would kick the crap out of an R8 and neither would really be considered a super car. The R8 is an amazing sports car but you seem to have it on some kind of pedastal where it doesn't belong.

To say the M3 has no presence on the road is also ridiculous... will it get the same attention as a Ferrari or Lambo? Of course not but it is NOT just another BMW. I have owned BMWs that were not M3s and they were anonymous... the M3 gets a TON of attention. It has a lot of presence and is well respected by anyone who follows and cares about performance cars.

Lastly, to say the M3 can't do the track properly is a load of crap. It is just as capable as a Cayman or base 911 on the track. Would you say those cars can't "do the track"? When I'm at HPDEs, instructors actually ask to take my M3 out. Two of the instructors own M3s and could have picked most any car.

I do NOT have any delusions of grandeur relative to the M3. I know what it is and what it isn't. It is NOT a pure sports car. As I said earlier, it is NOT an R8 on the track. BUT it is NOT a grocery getter either and it is damn close to an R8 on the track. I have actually spent time in the R8 driving it and, although it is a more capable track car, it is better to some extent due to the AWD that allows you to power through corners and less because of power or balance. Either you have ideas of other cars that are NOT realistic or you don't really understand/appreciate the M3. Again, I am NOT an M3 fanboy or believe the M3 is more than it is but I do know that it is a VERY capable car that is competitive with cars much more expensive and on par with many more "pure" sports cars. Sure it is a jack of all trades and a master of none but what you are overlooking is that on the things where it is not a "master" it is still very, very close to cars that are. If you need a dedicated track car, there are better choices, absolutely. If you need a car that is competitive with almost every car at the track but it is also a car that you can drive daily and, yes, pick up a few groceries then the M3 is a great choice... MUCH better than an R8
Great post, fair, unbiased and well presented. These things are what makes a convincing point. These are also things that others stirring the pot here obviously can not do nearly as effectively.

That being said we all need to get back on topic. This thread is about speculations for the F30 / F32 M3. Let's not ruin the thread with baiting and an OT argument.
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