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Those speed limits are in kph? Then the sweet girl in BMW and the gentleman who delivered the car to us told us they are in mph. I figured it was kind of weird since distances are in kilometers. But they definitely told us mph. And every one else on that autobahn must have thought the same thing bc everyone was flying. I loved driving over there. They drive fast but safe. Drive on the right and pass on the left. You don't see that here in Miami.

Jaadoogar, you did you ED in May and you're still waiting?!?!? Don't tell me that. The waiting is beyond painful.

Shogun1122, he was extremely nice. I believe his name was Christian. Everyone at the Welt went out of their way for us. They truly make it memorable.

Dd1981, I suggest you speak to David Aviles. He will walk you through the whole process. While in Europe, they give you 14 days of free insurance. And the drop off is all included, nothing extra.

Mr yogi, I'm looking into the bandwidth. I'm not sure what happened as I have not added anything.

Thank you everyone for your kind remarks. This forum has truly been helpful when it comes to my car. I'll definitely post new pics when I add all the goodies.
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