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Originally Posted by Red135 View Post
Jones fighting Evans doesn't pose much risk for Jones.

What does Evans being in awesome condition mean? When has he not been in awesome condition?
I'm a huge believer in ring rust. I think it affects a lot of fighters so anything more than a 1 year break turns into a disadvantage. When I say Rashad looks like he's in awesome condition, I think physically we will see the best Rashad we've ever seen.

Originally Posted by escobar929 View Post
I see it a bit diff, the reason why Oritz won 2 rounds was cause of his constant cage holding, if he didnt hold the cage all those times, he would have been taken down and prob would have lost that round and the fight. I think Tito has a punchers chance but Evans should take this pretty easily

and I would agree that Jones ducked Evans, too much of a coincidence to get injured and as soon as Evans agrees to a fight, Jones is good to go. Which is crazy to think, cause I would think Jones would beat Evans pretty decisively

think he means cause he hasnt fought in so long
Agreed, Ortiz did stall a bit in that fight. But according to the judges he still would have won if he didn't lose that point. From what I've seen so far, Jones can beat anyone in the LHW division, the guys a beast and throws everything with bad intentions. Stylistically, I think the best matchup to beat him would be Machida but his invincibility has been lost since he suffered his first KO. I also think Rashad would surely have a smart tactical fight against Jones and I'm not sure how strong Jones is mentally, that would probably be his best bet to break down a guy like that. I still see Jones steam-rolling through the LHW division though and wouldn't bet against him.