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Originally Posted by BMW Fanatic View Post
Dealerships in Canada rarely budge on prices because there is always somebody willing to pay full whack and not concerned with discounts, also the market is not comparable to the US. With that said though it is possible if you try really hard but no where near as much as people get off in the states, I've read threads with people getting as much as 9/10% off of brand new cars just sitting at the dealership that haven't even been taken for test drives.

My advice would be (as it's the only do-able option I can think of) get a friend, trusted friend at that, to go to the dealership with you and buy the car under his/her name, get an ED done, both of you go to the Welt and pick the car up, have it brought back to the US and then get a bill of sale written up to transfer it into your name. 2 things with this - 1; Get a broker if you're not familiar with the process as it'll make your life MUCH more easier in terms of not having to leave your house to sign paperwork etc, 2; if you want to save money through taxes don't declare full value on the BoS, maybe shave off about $10,000, they do NOT care and the car is pretty much used by this point so you'll save yourself a hefty amount and of course it would never affect re-sale value because that's your private document.

I personally ended up buying brand new in Canada. I had my SA look up unsecured cars en-route to Canada but he couldn't find anything to my specifications, he then done a search in Alberta on more unsecured cars that hadn't even made it to the dealerships yet and found one that was exactly what I wanted (took all of 20 minutes), the car was as brand new as they come it still had all the shipping materials on it with just 11kms on the clock. Gave a $5000 deposit to have the car bought in and it was perfect, brought it the same day.
Awesome! thx for the input. Much appreciated.