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Originally Posted by McCartney View Post
If you read what I posted above, "secretsquirrel", I already said that.

Furthermore, it's more than just a car. For some people, a car is one of their most prized possessions.

For me, when I buy a vehicle I look at a bunch of things: Is it representative or reflective of who I am, does it provide the amenities and gadgets I desire, is it going to be something I won't mind dumping 1000s upon 1000s into for maintenance after warranty, etc.

So it's not just a car. It's more.
You forgot to add the most important question of them all, "will it make the girls drop their panties?"

All jokes aside, it really depends on you and what you want. I love G55s, my uncle has one and every time I've driven it I felt like a dictator of a third world country. I think it's great SUV for city driving and its pretty quick for something that looks like it has no aerodynamics at all. But for the price it makes no sense IMHO. Rather have an X5M, Cayenne Turbo or Range Rover HSE Supercharged. You get more room in all three and just as many options if not more. I believe maintenance on these cars could be slightly cheaper as well, my uncle always complained about how much he is charged. Regardless of that he has owned 4 so far.