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Exclamation Brand New E46!

Brand new 2003 BMW M3 Convertible in Titanium Silver/Black Top, 333HP, owned by a BMW CCA member. Beautifully equipped with Grey Nappa Leather interior with Shadow Trim, MSports Seats, M-SMG Gearbox, 18" M Alloys, Park-Distance Control, Xenons, Harmon-Kardon System/CD Changer. Absolutely new and pristine; stored, never registered; maintained and waxed better than regularly; Military-Euro-Purchase; driven only Port to Home, 176 miles total after mechanic's recent testing (all fluids/lines tested and approved, and high-octane racing fuel added during performance check)...she is running like a top and ready for sale. Great deal, huge savings over new, better performance. See photos (including TITLE, proof of mileage, VIN & VIN report) at $45,000.00 OBO, plus shipping to your location. Please e-mail

The car is currently in California with owner's agent.

From the car's mechanic (who took the new photos):

"I can vouch for the seller of this M3. I currenty have this car in my garage as we speak. I am the owners mechanic and have thoroughly checked out this M3 from top to bottom. Sure it sounds to good to be true but i can tell you it is, im looking at it right now. The car is in pristine condition, it could sit in the showroom right now and be labeled as a new car. Sure alot of you say its 8 years old and a car like this is not worth the money thats being asked for it, that just means this car is not for you. I have tested all the fluids for acidity and contamination, and they all passed with flying colors. I have been a euro mechanic for over 15 years and i can vouch and put my shops rep on the line for this car. It has been performance tested, gas has been replaced with 100 octane and all the fuel lines checked. Suspension has been loaded and unloaded and tires checked for flat spots and side wall checked for any weakneses. The SMG trans has been run through all its gears in auto and manual mode, sport mode and trac control work flawless as well. Interior is flawless there is no wear lines in the leather, and the paint as smooth as glass. If anyone has any questions about this car feel free to contact me, ill be more than happy to answer any questions pertaining about the car. I have read some of the coments left by some members, i thought that only happened in the Mustang and Camaro forms. The car only had 169 miles on the OD but now has 180 due to testing in acceleration shifting cornering and braking. You ask why or how an M3 not be driven? Its because the owner is serving in our millitary protecting our way of life and still is. She entrusted in me this car to take care of it and make sure nothing is wrong with it. Scale of 1 to 10 this is a 10 only thing missing is the window sticker. Feel free to contact and ask questions im here to help and will answer them honesty. But if your here to bash take your comments to the ricer forms there is no need for it here. Thanks

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