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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
Oh, ok...

I suppose the forged pistons and crankshafts and titanium valves and 1 piece blocks have nothing to do with their redlines.


Now to make your argument for you, you could say but yeah they only last 15-25K miles due to the extremely tight tolerances and high reving stresses. But then again at <$10K per copy...
the quality componants are a big factory in high revving, the other big factor is the geometry of the engine.

the speed of the piston is a major factor in how high the motor can rev

in an engine with a longer stroke the piston has to travel farther per revolution, so it's traveling faster than a motor with a shorter stroke turning the same speed.

shorter stroke allows bike engines to rev higher than car engines

gsxr-600 Bore Stroke: 67.0 x 42.5mm (stroke about 2")
335 Bore/stroke 3.31x3.53 inch

that's a big part of why the bike can rev higher, it's not that they just put expensive high quality components in the bike and it magically was able to rev to 17,000 rpms