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Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
The alpha personality is the "male lion" you were referring to. There is nothing wrong with refusing to accept failure; in fact it is quite admirable. However, driving a G55 does not transform you into a lion. All of the G-wagens in my area (River Oaks Houston) are driven by housewives.
Oh, heck no. No material possession in the world can get you a pair of balls, being a man is a choice. I totally agree with that.

I haven't seen any G55 AMGs in the country (Canada). I heard only 200k have been sold total in the past 40 years, which isn't a small number.

Why are housewives driving a car that they definitely shouldn't enjoy driving? Given how some people already stated that the ride is a bit stiffer (I think that's pretty endearing I like a stiffer suspension for my vehicles.), so I'm shocked that they roll in it.

They probably just want to look good in their husband's Mercedes