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Originally Posted by sdiver68 View Post
This whole post is a

Since you apparently need a history lesson, here's a couple of links: (turbos since banned because they are too powerful) (most succesful road racer of all time)

did you drive your delorean to go track that stuff down?

thing have changed a bit in the last 30 years

who races with a turbo NOW? besides the diesel audi's...
I'm not the biggest racing enthusiast, but I can't think of any major series that includes turbo cars, if you'd like to enlighten me I'll gladly listen, but turbo's in racing (real racing not track days) seem to be very uncommon to me

edit: just though, drifting and rally racing may be places to see turbo's used in racing, and oh yeah, um tractor pulls and dragsters (the top fuel/funny cars)

any others though? road racing anywhere?