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My European Delivery. June 16 through the 24th. Beware, lots of pictures!!

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Hey everyone. I am finally getting around to posting my experience with BMW's European Delivery. I can pretty much summarize it with one word, Amazing. I would definitely do it again. I would really also like to thank David Aviles at this point. He set up everything for us. He is extremely helpful and very easy to work with. Thanks David.

So lets begin...

My wife and I left Miami on Thursday, June 16th at night and arrived in Munich on Friday the 17th in the morning. The flight was long but we slept most of it, which was our reason for leaving at night. Once you get to Munich, its like BMW takes over. The moment we get off the plane, the first thing I see is a HUGE BMW grill on the wall. When I walked up to it to take a picture, you hear the sound of a BMW turning on and the grill lights up. We took a picture there and then walked out of the airport to take the train. Again, the first thing I see when I walk out of the airport is a Black M3 in something that looks like a wind tunnel. I was feeling special already.

So we jump on the train and start heading towards our hotel. We stayed at a Marriot near Marienplatz. It was the Marriot Courtyard Munich City Center. When looking for our hotels, we looked for hotels that looked nice and had a garage. The Marriot we stayed at was only about 5 minutes from Marienplatz by foot, but to be completely honest, the neighborhood didn't look to be the greatest. We arrived at the hotel, checked in, and decided to walk towards Karlsplatz to see what was going on. It was the first time for both of us in Europe. At this point, I just want to have a beer. You always hear about all the beer in Munich. So we start walking. It takes us about 3 minutes to get out of this neighborhood and then we are good. Once we arrive at Karlsplatz, it was like a big party. Everyone was singing, drinking, eating and having a good time. We sit down at a little restaurant that has outside seating and order our beers. I asked for the biggest beer they had, and my wife also tries a beer, even though she doesn't like beer. Thats fine with me, more for me. We also order some sausages. Everything was great. After we finish there, we head back to the room. I want to get to sleep as early as possible since the next day is my big day.

As most of you imagine, I didn't sleep much at night. I just wanted to get to the Welt. I really didn't do my homework to see what time the Welt opened up. I know I had seen some pictures of someone arriving before the sun was even up so I thought for sure they opened up super early. So around 5am, I'm pushing my wife off the bed so we can get going. We get dressed and call a taxi. At this point, I'm wearing a polo and shorts. It was sprinkling outside and coooooold. Well, at least for me. I'm from Miami. I didn't go change again b/c I figured once I got to the Welt, I'd walk inside. Yea right. We arrived at the Welt around 6:15am and low and behold, they were still closed. The doors didn't open until 7:30am. I was FREEZING waiting for the doors to open. But once they did, it was all worth it. Everyone inside was amazing. They truly do make you feel special. They gave us free coffee and water the moment we walked in. We walked around looking at all the exhibits. They are a ton of things to do inside the Welt. After a bit, we had to go check in. They walked us to a red carpet and put us in the elevator and we went up to the third floor. Once there, there is a lounge to your right and you register to your left. We registered with a very sweet girl that gave us all the information we needed to know about driving in Germany and Austria and gave us some information about my car and set up a time for delivery, 10:50am. She also gave us tickets to the museum. Unfortunately, there are no factory tours on Saturdays so we weren't able to see the factory.

After registering, we went to the lounge and had some food. They had everything from breakfast to lunch, sodas to beer (I couldn't imagine they would let you drive out of there if you have too much beer), etc... It was there when I caught a glimpse of my M3 for the first time. Wow, gorgeous. I couldn't wait. So we ate and drank a little (sodas) and kept looking around waiting for our delivery time.

Its 10:50am, delivery time. I wait for the gentleman who will be delivering my car. He comes in, introduces himself and starts giving us a little history on the Welt and BMW. He even told us how sometimes men propose to theirs fiance's there. They use the BMW sign but use the acronym for Be My Wife. To think I gave my wife Hershey kisses when I proposed. Fail. We start heading down "the stairway to heaven." He tells me to look to the right and here comes a spotlight onto my car and it starts revolving on a turnstile. These BMW really go all out to make this memorable. We get to the car and the gentleman tells me everything there is to know about the car. I even asked him to put in a couple of places into the navigation so we'd know how to get there. He did. After about a hour, he hands me the keys, I take my victory lap and head out into the city. It felt great the first time I drove the car. It truly is a MACHINE. Its solid, like no other car I have driven. Totally worth every penny.

I ended up putting 731 miles on the car while over there. We drove from Munich to Vienna, Vienna to Salzburg, and then back to Munich. I had the car washed when we got to Vienna, and I washed it myself when we got back to Munich before turning it in. Those long drives got it really dirty. I love the Autobahn. That circle with the line through it is a sight to see. No speed limit. And when there was a speed limit, it was 100, or 120. Awesome.

This was our European Delivery Itinerary:

June 16th: Leave Miami International Airport at 11:05pm.

June 17th: Arrive in Munich at 6:10pm. Check in at the Marriot. Went to Karlsplatz.

June 18th to 19th: Went to the Welt and took delivery of my car. Visited the BMW museum. Visited Marienplatz, St. Peter's Church, Hofbrauhaus, Neuschwanstein Castle.

June 20th to 22nd: Drove to Vienna. Checked in at Renaissance Wien Hotel. Visited Schonbrunn, St. Steven's Cathedral, walked all around Karlsplatz there and visited different little stores and spots. Had car washed.

June 22nd to 23rd: Drove to Salzburg. Checked in at Radisson Blu Hotel and Conference Centre. Visited Mozart's hometown. Visited the fort and walked around the little town until it started pouring hail!!! Thank God my car was in a underground garage.

June 23rd to 24th: Drove back to Munich. Headed to the airport to In and Out. Washed my car before turning it in with my wife. Dropped of my car and checked into the Kepinski. VERY nice hotel. Then it was back to Miami on the 24th!!

I'm not going to bore you with the rest of the story, so here are the pictures. Hope you guys enjoy.

While looking at the pictures, a couple of things to notice:

Blue M5. It hadn't come out yet. If you look carefully, it still had pieces of the black and white camouflage on it towards the bottom of the driver's side.

I ran into a white 1M while walking around. I went back to the hotel, picked up my car and went back to where I saw it to take pictures.

Look at the speed limits.

Look at my wife's favorite car which was at the Welt. Its the Urkel car from Family Matters.

Picture of my car with Neuschwanstein Castle in the back.

And my favorite, the picture of my wife joining in to wash my car!!!

The pictures are in reverse order. Sorry for that. The beginning of the trip starts from the bottom.