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Originally Posted by CAPSGOD View Post
^ I like the G-Wagen and all, but that alpha male stuff is hilarious
What the heck is an alpha male? Are you talking about some pick up girl nonsense? It has to be, that's what google says.

Pretty sure the one Aniston has was Brad Pitt's. And I'd like to see how many women have one compared to men. I'm pretty sure you guys agree that the number of men that drive this thing dominates the number of women.
I'd guess 98% Men 2% women, that's being generous.

What's wrong with being a proud man? I'm quite insulted you find it comical. What is a man if he doesn't deliver in anything he is tasked to do?

When you experience failure do you say "It's okay I failed/ didn't meet my self-imposed expectations" ? I don't. Failure is unacceptable. I do fail, but I use it as my motivation to try again and own it.

One person said the G Wagon is built with passion, something that's evident from the signature of the person who builds your engine. If I was lucky enough to build such a vehicle, my passion comes from the fact that it symbolizes more than just a vehicle.