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Originally Posted by McCartney View Post
Regarding built with emotion: Exactly. It's built by a man who is hoping it ends up in the hands of another man. I want a vehicle that was built with "man love"; a passion for our gender that most men in today's world fail to understand.

To me, the G class doesn't need an exterior overhaul because it's built for the man who understand what it is like to be a man. If a man understands how to be one (that's not true at all in today's world), then he can appreciate what this vehicle symbolizes. It's about how even the best of men can still be rough around the edges, but have the ability to handle a lot of what comes their way. Sometimes it may not be the smoothest ride, but he'll get it done. Just like the G will.

To me, it's rare to evoke such an emotional reaction about a vehicle. But when I look at it, I simply ask myself one question: If you are a proud male who hopes to one day provide for his family the best way he knows how, and you want people to know that you're confident that "your way" can succeed, how does this vehicle not embody that?

That's why I love the G class. It's for a certain kind of guy: Proud, persistent, confident, intelligent, refined. Kind of like a male lion.

Britney Spears owns one. So does Megan Fox (she actually has two.) And Ashley Tisdale. Jennifer Aniston used to drive one. And Maria Shriver still does.

Come down here where there's a preponderance of G Wagens and you'll see them being driven by people who understand what it's like to be a woman.

I agree with CAPSGOD. That was pretty hilarious parody.